Acid Rain

Acid Rain

As remembered by David Williams…

The costume was to highlight the beauty of the rain, and the ugliness of how things can change with acid rain and the destruction of the environment. We had little or no budget. We went to a store in San Juan that no longer exists. When you a shopping a dollar or two a yard, it is not mas cloth you can buy. It is cloth with a dis-color that people want to get off their hands. But we saw this netted sun-bleached thing, between grey and dirty blue. You probably couldn’t use it for anything else except exactly what we used it for. Of course they were happy to get it off their hands, and we bought a whole set. To make the clouds we had to ruffle it, to show the volume, so I had to buy a lot. But it was perfect for what it was doing because it looked like dark clouds overhead.

Then the front of the monster was mainly a kind of dirty bronze. Trying to keep the color of the rain that might have a metallic touch in it from the chemicals. The costume had some very large, yellowy eyes. Using the tube from my bathroom heater we created a something that ran through the mouth of the costume down to the masquerader, and he would blow powder through it that came out looking like smoke – to make it a living thing.

One of the things with the costume was that it had very large hands, like a saga boy, like puppet hands. Hands that could move. Coming from the palm of the hands, it had long strips of brown chord which were like the rain falling. He was supposed to hold them out stretched above his head, but he held them in and close together. He said it was too challenging to hold it out. But I am not sure.

Then we created a tree that was totally dried up through acid rain with birds nests filled with bones in it. This went down by the feet. In the preliminary rounds, when he was in front of the judges, apparently his foot hook in one of the rings around the base of the tree and he start to fall over. I don’t know, it must have been an angel which held him up, because he regained his balance, and he managed to get into the finals.

On the day of the parade itself, in the excitement of everything, we forgot the powder. So without the smoke it didn’t actually have the full effect. But it was one of our strongest costumes ever. We wanted to have the effect of showing mankind some of the things it doing to itself, and on the whole we achieved this.

This costume was part of the 2000 Rainorama band, worn by William Andrew. It won 3rd prize in the Junior King of Carnival – Open category at the Savanna.

Do you have any photos of this costume? We would love to have them, and you can upload them here.


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  17. “Excuse me, Marina, but will you, by any chance, have matches or a lighter?” I asked. The conductor looked me up and down, patted her pockets and said, “Now, I’ll take it in the compartment.” She looked into her compartment and turned to her partner – “Marin, I forgot my lighter, please give me.” Pyshka looked out and suggested – “Come on, let’s smoke.” She was already in a flowery dressing gown just above the knees, with bare white legs and, apparently, even without underwear. And it seemed to me then that she was also tipsy. Marina came out and, pushing me with her soft plump ass, went to the working vestibule.
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    I don’t think it’s worth it…

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