1987 – Caribbean fantasy

As remembered by David Williams…

The first time we came out was in ’87. When I went to Success Laventille it was only about 2-3 years old. It didn’t have a lot of history. The school pan was starting to make some contribution. The children needed some activities to make them feel a little pride in the school.

I was just coming out of San Francisco where I had been asked to put together a band in a parade they had. I discussed it with Mr Peña, and he was all for giving it a try. The group that was more interested would have been the first year group. The school children, a couple of community members, some teachers and Mr Peña. With little or no funds, we had to seek loans from from people to do it.

The queen of that band – her costume was made from an old backpack that I had picked up after one carnival as a souvenir. We made a hibiscus flower out of it. Something simple. The band was about celebrating our country – we concentrated on the steel pan, the flowers , the fish.

We considered it to be a successful band. The only official success we had was when the queen came in about seventh in schools. That made us $75, which we gave to the girl who wore the costume. Overall, it was a total financial loss, but we were proud because we had produced our first band. After that we produce a band each year for the next 30 years.


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