Success Laventille Carnival Band have won over 110 trophies since 1987…

YearLocationCategoryMasquerader CharacterPlace
TunapunaNice prize with Scarlet Ibis and Pan, no details, Mr Williams thinks Tunapuna
2007TunapunaJunior Carnival Male Individual of the YearBrandon LefallPredator of the World Wide Web1st
2007TunapunaFemale Individual of the YearNekilah FerreiraThe Black Widow
2007TunapunaLarge Band of the Year1st
2007TunapunaMost Colourful Band1st
2010TunapunaMonday parade of the individualsNekilah ThomasSunset over the hills of paramin1st
2010TunapunaMost Colourful Band1st
1997TunapunaJunior Individual Female
1997TunapunaJunior Band of the Year1st
2007TunapunaIndividual - MaleBrandon LegallPredator of the World Wide Web1st
2001TunapunaIndividual of the Year - Male1st
2003TunapunaJunior Band of the Year1st
2003TunapunaBest Individual - MaleMarvin Clement (Deceased)1st
2010TunapunaSpecial PrizeKhadijah Paul Going to make Zebbye
2006TunapunaJunior Carnival Large Band
2006TunapunaMost Colourful Band1st
2008TunapunaMale Individual of the YearBrandon LegallPolycar witness the wrath of papa bois1st
2009TunapunaMost Colourful Large Band1st
2008TunapunaMost Colourful Individual1st
2009TunapunaMonday Mass - Male IndividualKalym BabbCerebal eruption
TunapunaBernard Walters challenge trophy - after winning Band of the Year for three consecutive years
2008TunapunaJunior Carnival Band of the Year1st
2004TunapunaJunior Carnival Band of the Year1st
2009TunapunaLarge Band of the Year1st
2003St Joseph's Junior CarnivalBand of the Year - Large1st
1994St Joseph
2004St JosephIndividual of the Year1st
2011St JosephKing of Carnival1st
2008St JosephLarge Band of the Year1st
2009St JosephBest Individual aged 8-11
2004St JosephBand of the Year - Large1st
2009St JosephLarge Band of the Year1st
2009St JosephIndividual of the Year Aged 12 and Over
2005St James Kiddies CarnivalBest Effort in Creativity
2005St James Kiddies CarnivalBest Secondary School Band1st
2004St James Kiddies CarnivalBoys 3-6A WallisYoung Picasso1st
2003St James Kiddies CarnivalChallenge Prize
2004St James Kiddies CarnivalLarge Bands3rd
2004St James Kiddies CarnivalBest Secondary School Band1st
1999St James Children's CarnivalMost OriginalAyanna GlasgowMillennium Bug1st
1995St James Children's CarnivalMedium Band of the Year - Open3rd
2009St JamesBest Secondary School Band1st
2007St JamesSpecial Prize - Best Secondary School Band
2012St JamesBest Secondary School Band1st
2006St JamesBest Use of Local Recycled Material1st
2007St JamesMedium Band of the Year3rd
2008St JamesUse of Local Recycled Material
2010St JamesSecondary School Band of the Year1st
2011D SavannahKing of Carnival - SchoolsKadeem Huggins2nd
2005D SavannahQueen of the Year - SchoolsGhaaliya O'BrienMa Anansi and Family1st
1991D SavannahQueen of School Bands1st
2008D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Open2nd
2006D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools1st
1991D SavannahBest Junior Band Depicting T&T Folklore2nd
1992D SavannahJunior Queen of Bands - SchoolsTameshia Sobers (Deceased)Queen Jab Jab going to market J'ouvert Saturday morning
2001D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools1st
2008D SavannahMedium Band of the Year1st
1994D SavannahJunior King of Carnival - Schools1st
2004D SavannahIndividual of the YearRamice JameelCanal Little Monster3rd
2011D SavannahIndividuals Original Girls 8-11Gorgeous BillyGoing Careening3rd
2011D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools2nd
2009D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools1st
2011D SavannahIndividuals Fantasy Girls 8-11Adaisha StoweSpirit of Gucharo3rd
2009D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Open2nd
2004D SavannahJunior Queen - OpenGhaaliya O'BrienMeh Granny Say Playing in the Rain Does Really Bring Sickness3rd
2009D SavannahJunior Spirit of Carnival Medium Bands 1st
1997D SavannahKing of School Bands1st
2010D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools1st
1998D SavannahFolkloreSheldon ClemendorMessage to the Internet1st
1999D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Schools1st
1999D SavannahBand of the Year - Medium Bands Open2nd
2000D SavannahJunior King of Carnival - OpenWilliam AndrewAcid Rain3rd
2002D SavannahBest Band Depicting Folklore1st
2002D SavannahMedium Band of the Year1st
2001D SavannahMedium Band of the Year - Open2nd
2009D SavannahOriginal Band of the Year1st
2008San JuanBand of the Year1st
1990San JuanKing of the Band1st
1993San JuanBand of the Year1st
2006San JuanBand of the Year1st
1994San JuanBand of the Year1st
2003Red Cross Children's Carnival
2001Red CrossBest Local Team1st
2010DowntownIndividual boys - babes in arms to four yearsRayshawn FordeGouti hiding from pot in Paramin1st
2010DowntownMost Original BoyRayshawn FordeGouti hiding from pot in Paramin
2005Curepe CarnivalBand of the Year1st
2004Curepe CarnivalJunior King of Carnival - SchoolsMarvin Clement (Deceased)2nd
2006Curepe CarnivalSpecial PrizeKalisha Ewing
2006Curepe CarnivalIndividualsKadeisha WilliamsFire In Meh Wire5th
1998Curepe CarnivalKiddies Band of the Year1st
2003Curepe CarnivalKing of CarnivalMarvin Clement (Deceased)1st
2006Curepe CarnivalBand of the Year2nd
2010CurepeLarge Band of the Year1st
2009CurepeKing of CarnivalBrandon LegallShaque the Ash Wednesday King1st
2009CurepeLarge Band of the Year1st
CurepeKiddies Carnival Band of the Year
2010CurepeKing of CarnivalSalif CallisteThe spirit of Saut Deau3rd
2010CurepeSpecial Prize - Individual MaleRayshawn FordeGootie hiding from pot
2008CurepeKing of CarnivalBrandon LegallPolycar witness the wrath of papa bois1st
2008CurepeFemale Individual of the YearEstefanie JosephOle Higue1st
2010CurepeSpecial Prize - Individual FemaleJamia Ann ThomPride of Paramin
2008CurepeMost Creative Band1st
1994-1996BaratariaBand of the Year1st
1999AroucaJunior Queen of the BandAyanna GlasgowMillennium Bug1st
2004AroucaJunior King of the Band1st
2001AroucaBand of the Year1st
2003AroucaJunior Band of the Year - Large1st
AroucaJunior Band of the Year
1994Best Band Over 251st
Small Band of the Year3rd
Medium Band of the Year1st
Queen of the Bank1st

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